The Homecoming for Vietnam Veterans


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Here we are, almost forty years after the end of the Vietnam War, reminiscing on Facebook and other social websites about those experiences we endured in a war so long ago. As we age, many of those memories have faded away, others, were purposely buried, destined to remain that way. However, some of these traumatic experiences continue creeping up to the surface, the details, clear as day and as if the incident occurred just yesterday. What if I told you that my reoccurring nightmare isn’t about encounters with enemy soldiers on foreign soil, but of a single incident that took place right here in the United States with my own countrymen? That’s right, it’s about my homecoming after serving honorably for a year in the Vietnam War.

eating at 101st

The goal of every serviceman in Vietnam was to survive the brutality of war and return to the safety of “The World”. I…

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