Fragments: An Introduction

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For those who love Vietnamese history, often the biggest finds are in the fragments we discover. A line in a newspaper article. One curious element in a family’s photos. A right turn down the wrong alley. A comment over tea in a colleague’s que huong. 

On a more pragmatic note, studies of Vietnam, especially during the Cold War era, continue to be one-sided and lack the depth necessary to evaluate the period fully. Due to linguistic hurdles, document destruction/redaction, as well as oodles of red tape, researchers find their work limited even before they’ve begun. We hope this site will be useful to students, scholars, and other interested parties. 

What are we seeking?  Translations with the Vietnamese originals, links to valuable works available online, or photos/music/video from the era.  Any and all fragments of Vietnam during the Cold War years (defined for this site as 1945-1991).  Get in touch at or leave a comment.